In an exceptional step towards achieving the vision of expanding business across borders, HFA Firm launched its first event “Expand Your Business from Turkey to The World.” This pioneering event was held on Sunday, January 21st, 2024, in Istanbul, sponsored by Digital Istanbul, it witnessed the presence of more than 100 businessmen, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs.

This event comes as a strategic step to enhance HFA Firm’s vision of providing effective support to ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business across borders. The event was carefully organized and comprehensively prepared to meet the needs and aspirations of the participants.

This event mainly talked about successful steps of international expansion through sessions presented by experts in the field of establishing businesses in key markets.

The event began with the opening speech of the company’s General Manager, Firas Ahmad, followed by a speech by the Director of Operations specialized in the American market, Anas Rasheed, who talked about establishing a business in the United States of America, then he concluded his speech with the all-new exceptional offer from HFA Firm regarding establishing a company in the United States of America with a down payment of 500 plus only $75 a month! This offer includes everything a US company needs such as accounting, tax returns, and much more!

The guest of this event was Mr. Kamiran Halil, General Manager of “Turkey Dream Apartment TDA,” who spoke about his new pioneering project, Gamma Assets.

Followed by the CEO of HFA Firm, Muhammet Savadi, who explained the opportunities and challenges that you will face when establishing a business in the UAE, and at the end, Sales Director Ammar Gad spoke about establishing a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The end of this event was an interactive debate held by the General Manager Firas Ahmed between the UAE and KSA about which of these countries is better for establishing a business!? In it, Ammar Gad (speaking about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Muhammet Savadi (speaking about the United Arab Emirates) discussed this matter in a way that received interaction and very good response from the audience!

This event was characterized by participation and interaction between attendees and speakers, where the audience asked their questions and communicated with the experts at HFA Firm. This event was also a unique opportunity for participants to get to know each other and expand their professional business networks.

This event is the beginning of many huge events that HFA Firm intends to undertake in the field of business establishment, as the company has been demonstrating its ability to provide consultation and business establishment services to the entrepreneurial community in Turkey and the Middle East region with the highest levels of professionalism.

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